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Massachusetts has played a significant role in American history since the Pilgrims, seeking religious freedom, founded Plymouth Colony in 1620. The state began life as the Massachusetts Bay Colony (Company) in 1629 and soon became one of the original 13 colonies. Like a great many towns in New England, Boston had its naming roots in old England. Its first Governor was John Winthrop and its first deputy-Governor was Thomas Dudley, who shortly after their arrival in America in 1630 suggested that the capital of the colony be named after their hometown back in England. So, Boston, Massachusetts, is named after Boston, Lincolnshire, which is situated about 100 miles north of London on the North Atlantic Sea.

Long ago Bostonians were important leaders in resisting British oppression, most notably when patriots held the "Boston Tea Party" to protest unjust taxation, and today Boston prides itself on being fiercely independent, progressive and one of the most livable cities in America. There is a lot more to this cosmopolitan city than colonial cemeteries, Beantown, the Boston Tea Party, and Cheers. Boston is at once a major seaport, a thriving downtown business and shopping district, a sophisticated and ethnic center, which revels in its rich historical past. Locals are justifiably proud of the world famous Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops.

Boston suburbs, such as Acton, also revel in their own cultural opportunities as well as the amenities close proximity to Boston affords. The Discovery Museums - The Children's Discovery Museum and The Science Discovery Museum - located in Acton are complementary museums filled with exciting, interactive exhibits for children of all ages. Acton residents also enjoy the Acton Community Chorus and the Commonwealth Ballet Company.

While the Prudential Center, the Government Center and the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company skyscrapers dominate the Boston skyline, Acton is home to technology entrepreneurs such as Acton Research, the Amaral Group, L.L.C., FutureTense, Inc., IntelliSoft, Product Insight, Software Systems and World Net. Through all their bustling enterprises, Acton and Boston share a rich historical connection and a promising future.

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